I started my graphic design career in mid-1990's working with international development organizations in Central Asia. It was an exciting time when post-Soviet states were transiting to market economy and the new information and design technologies rapidly penetrating through the rusty iron curtain. I participated in several public education campaigns on economic reforms, health care and family planning. Working in fast paced multi-language environment was a priceless experience.

After moving to Toronto, Canada in 2001, I worked at printing, design and marketing companies and in 2007 established myself as a freelance graphic designer/photographer.

My passion for photography began when I discovered the antique colour photographs taken 100 years ago by Russian inventor and photographer S. M. Prokudin-Gorskii. I started restoring his works and soon felt an urge to take my own pictures. Now I do both digital and film photography in various formats. Please take time to view my design and photo galleries. Most of the photos are available for purchase.

My services include:
You can view my full resume here. If you have any comments, would like to discuss a project and get a quote, please e-mail me at: alex.gridenko@gmail.com.